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You have Found “The MUA” everyone in NYC is currently talking about...Khush Singh.

Khush Singh is an accomplished South Asian Make-up Artist with extensive experience in the Fashion, Television, Movie and Music industries.

Having spent over a decade in the industry, her editorial credits are too numerous to list. Khush is also the Chief Creative Officer of mKarma Cosmetics and President of mKarma Group. Khush graduated from Florida International University and promptly delved into the entertainment industry as an independent director and TV News Reporter for TV Asia. She returned to the New York in 1999 to focus on other artistic endeavours and explore the possibility of creating a line of cosmetics for South Asians. The brand debuted in Toronto, Canada and the success of that initial makeup line led to the development and launch of the Khush in 2006 and mKarma in 2009.

Well, with so many options why would you choose Khush? Simply put, "She loves the art of makeup and as a painter, prides herself on having additional canvases to explore." Most easily she can be described as the MUA who was born with a brush in her hand and her work speaks for itself.

Over the last several years Khush, based out of NYC, has expanded from Makeup Artistry into Art Direction, Jewelry Design, Portfolio Development and Scouting Locations. However, as you will note, Makeup is her first love (much to the chagrin of her Husband) and she has been known for creating and perfecting the most “Astonishing Eyes”.

Khush has seen her career thrive in all forms of the artistic community, from a News Reporter, MUA, Painter, Jewelry and Textile Designer, Director, and Producer... Now, she is looking to network (and possibly expand her team) with all those amazing artists out there (Models, Stylist and Photographers).

While represented, she does do select TF* projects and is always cognizant of her fellow artists...so she keeps her rates reasonable and often (much to the annoyance of her manager) can be found working within any project's budget. In addition to creating cover looks for magazines, celebrities and make-up for fashion shows, Khush has been the key makeup artist on several tv shows and pilots. She is the author of two books: The Asian women: Beauty and Glamour and The Eyes have it!

In her own words:

"I strive to create the image, be it edge, glamour, avant garde, bridal or fashion that my clients are looking for…to not only enhance…but blend seamlessly my artistry into a work of art".

"I take so much pride in my Makeup Artistry and hopefully it shows. As you may note...the eyes are my specialty.

That exploration of the art of Makeup has led me to provide Makeup Classes, open a studio, publish a forthcoming book, lecture, tour the world and proffer my craft to canvases that have requested my skill.

As a woman of colour, (Indian by birth, but left so many years ago) I have honed my talent into skills for both the mainstream and exotic visage, as you hopefully have noticed, exploring each canvases individual beauty.

In my life, as an artist, I have been a painter, TV Reporter, Independent Film Producer and Director and very soon a Published Authour. Yet my greatest goal has been that of a strong role model for my son.

If you wish to get in contact you can do so through This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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